is slammed; 忙しさに打ちのめされている
Close the door carefully, don't slam it. (Cambridge)

Our tech guys work until 2:00, 3:00 in the morning.
Customer service is slammed.
We're running out of inventory. 

Oh, I'm so slammed next week.

Impossible to defeat or surpass

I'm a little in love with it.
It's a classic, Lewis. It's unbeatable. 
  ( おじさんのカバンに関して)

Okay, and even if you know that you're not gonna see anyone that you know?

evict ; 
to force someone to leave a place (Cambridge)
Getting evicted? で追い出される?という意味。

I'm on CheapApartments.com and I literally can't afford a single apartment in all of Brooklyn.
My parents gave me two weeks to find a place, and that's just not gonna happen.
Getting evicted?
Hey, I'm in no rush, but apparently they are.


例 Long-time residents are being evicted from the buildings.(Cambridge)

I'm not feeling so hot; I'm not feeling well と同じ意味(口語で使われる)

I'm sorry to do this, but I'm actually not feeling so hot.

mercury; 水銀
nauseous; 吐き気がする

I think I forgot to eat today.
Should I pick you up some sushi?
No, I eat too much mercury.
I'll be fine.
I'm good. I'm actually kind of nauseous, so...

showing that you consider yourself better or more intelligent(Cambridge)
looking down on someoneという意味。
例I hate the way he's so condescending to his staff!(Cambridge)

Know-it-all; 知ったかぶり
Know-it-all attitudeとかともいいます。

-Yeah. I hated him.
Really? What happened?
I thought he was a condescending, sexist know-it-all who did not seem to get what we do at all.
And, honestly, I think he would run our business in a completely inorganic way
that would lose us all the customers we have killed ourselves to get.

Be there or be square.
be squareは型にはまったつまらない人になること

See you in the a.m?
Be there or be square.

Describes one who has bipolar disorder.
bipolar disorder とは、気分が高まったり、低くなったりを繰り返すうつのような精神病です。日本語では双極性障害といいます。

I'm startin' to think that Maddie is bipolar.
We go through this 
every other day.



今回の映画は「マイインターン」です。The Intern 2015

 novelty; something new or unusual 

At first, I admit I enjoyed the novelty of it.

like a ton of bricks ; very strongly or forcefully 

I used all the miles I'd saved and traveled the globe. The problem was, no matter where I went, as soon as I got home, the nowhere-to-be thing hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Come rain or shine; 何があっても、どんなことがあろうと

Come rain or shine,
I'm at my Starbucks by 7:15.


Quite the contrary; まったくの逆、むしろ逆だ

Don't get me wrong,
I'm not an unhappy person.
Quite the contrary.
I just know there's a hole in my life, and I need to fill it.
around the corner; 角をすぐ曲がったところ
talent acquisition; 会社が採用したい人材を定義し、その後の活躍もサポートしていくこと

Take a seat around the corner,
and someone from talent acquisition will come get you.

in a glance; ひと目見ただけで
at a glanceの方がよく使われます。

Okay, you guys have to remember;
the homepage has to read in a glance.

beer pong
いわゆるアメリカでの飲み会のゲームです。この映画の日本語字幕ではbeer pongは訳されておらず、ただ「4年間遊んでいるだけの人」と訳されていただけでした。英語がわかれば映画の楽しさも広がりますね。

I mean, imagine having an intern with a lifetime of experience as opposed to somebody who spent
the last four years of their life playing beer pong.

To be excited or pumped up about something.

Oh, my God. They had one opening for a regular-age intern, no offense.
I got it. I'm so psyched.

I'm pretty psyched myself.

Hang in there. ;頑張れ(つらい状況の人に)

Jules Ostin
Hang in there.


Waste time, to be slow [dawd-l] 
blink; まばたきする

Don't dawdle in any way.
Just keep it moving.
And don't forget to blink.

Old-school; 古き良き(考え方)

Well, I'm comfortable in a suit, if it's okay.
No, it's fine. Old-school.

Carefully considered and planned.
例It is well-thought-one presentation!

She didn't answer, so then I e-mailed her.
But it was, like, a nice e-mail. It was a long one, well-thought-out.
Subject line I wrote, "I'm sorry" with like a ton of "O's."
(男の人が女性を怒らしてしまい、謝るためにメールを送った。I'm sooooorryのような感じで)

Of a pleasant disposition; friendly and sociable (Free Dic)

I noticed my intern sure keeps busy.
Mr. Congeniality. He's a very big hit.
Everybody loves him.
junk drawer; ガラクタ用のひきだし

Okay, do not look at that desk.
It's like the office junk drawer.