John Bolton says Trump ‘not fit for office’ l GMA

play someone like a fiddle: 意のままに操る
fiddle には、バイオリンの意味があります。バイオリンのように、誰かを操ることから、たやすく誰かを操ることができるという意味になります。

I think Putin thinks he can play him(Trump) like a fiddle

Chrissy Teigen Surprised John Legend with a Father’s Day Dinner

incarcerated; 収監された、投獄された
incarceration は紹介済み

America is the most incarcerated country in the world. 
(アメリカは、世界で一番 Prison rates (Incarceration rates)が高いらしい。日本の100倍程度か。)

people who were formerly incarcerated,....

Teens peer pressure friend to abuse cough syrup | WWYD?

sound advice: 適切なアドバイス
以前、safe and sound も紹介しました。

Owen Wilson On New Movie ‘Wonder’: ‘Hopefully You’ll Be Inspired’ | TODAY

intimidate; (v) to make fearful; 脅す
intimidation が名詞。ここでは、「(才能により)おじけずく」というように、圧倒される意味で使われています。画像検索でわかるように、強い攻撃を表す場合もあります。

Is there an intimidation factor working with her? 
- There is. Maybe it's intimidation or just nervous to meet her...
(Julia Robertsとの共演で、彼女の才能におじけずく)

Young Sheldon (CBS) "Boy Genius" Promo HD - The Big Bang Theory Prequel Spinoff

clique; a narrow exclusive group; 仲間グループ

Every high school has cliques, jocks, and popular girls. 

credential; evidence of authority; (仕事に必要な)経歴

Five minutes into my math class, he questioned my credentials. 
He said I was intimidated by his intelligence.

実際のドラマでは、He said I was intimidated by his intelligence, and then, he offered to be my "leader". と実は続きます。(Young Sheldon E01(12;38))


Aired October 20, 2016
最高裁判所の判事について話しています(Supreme court justice)

conservative ;保守的な、政治的伝統を重んじる
bent ; (n) 気質 
; 修正 

DONALD TRUMP;They will have a conservative bent. They will be protecting the Second Amendment. 

; (v)栄える

CLINTON: When the middle class thrives, America thrives. And so, my plan is based on growing the economy, giving middle-class families many more opportunities.

regime ; 政権
President Obama's regime でオバマ政権になります。 

TRUMP: During President Obama`s regime, we`ve doubled our national debt.

be sucked out
suck 吸引する→取り除くとなります。

Our jobs are being taken out by the deal that her husband signed, NAFTA, one of the worst deals ever. Our jobs are being sucked out of our economy.

terminate; 終わらす


I am going to renegotiate NAFTA. And if I can`t make a great deal -- then we`re going to terminate NAFTA and we`re going to create new deals. 

amnesty ; 一般的な感謝、恩赦

She wants to give amnesty, which is a disaster and very unfair to all of the people that are waiting on line for many, many years. We need strong borders.

deploy ; (v)広げていく、やっていく、展開する 

CLINTON: There are some limited places where that was appropriate. There also is necessarily going to be new technology and how best to deploy that.

But it is clear, when you look at what Donald has been proposing, he started his campaign bashing immigrants, calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals and drug dealers, that he has a very different view about what we should do to deal with immigrants.

Micah Tyler - Different (Official Music Video)

colon cancer; 結腸がん
がんは一般的にStage 0(または1)から、Stage4まであります。Stage4では、末期がんと言ってもいいでしょう。

And then just a few weeks ago we found out that my little brother Daniel has stage 4 colon cancer.

chemo; 化学療法

After the shock and the tears, my family is preparing to fight by his side as he gets ready to start chemo.

Hurricane Matthew Nears the U.S. Southeast; China Poses a Potential Challenge for the Next U.S. President; Colorado Facility Converts Food Waste Into Energy

140 miles per hour ;約225km/h 

catastrophic ; (adj) 壊滅的な、悲惨な 

Matthew`s sustained wind speeds were 140 miles per hour last night, the system capable of catastrophic damage. 

come ashore ; やってくる、上陸する
「台風が上陸する」 と言いたいときは、Typhoon expected to come ashore this morning. などと”come ashore" を使いましょう。

Matthew was headed toward Florida and expected to come ashore early Friday morning. But forecasters couldn`t say for sure.

5' 7'' ; 5 feet 7 inches ; 170cm
5'9'' が約175cmです。自分の身長だけでもフィートで言えるようにしておきましょう。こちらが換算表です。 

 Look at this, I`m 5`7", OK? I don`t even, I`m not even as tall as the category two surge estimate. This could be 11 to 15 feet of the surge, and you can see that these buildings aren`t build that much higher than this post.

はじめは、World War Ⅱの際に使われていた、アルファベット表記Aは Able, BはBaker, CはCharlie,DはDog, EはEasy.. といったような名前が使われていました。これをエイブルベイカーといいます。現在は、航空会社と旅行代理店での電話のやり取りでつかわれています。名前が間違えないようにということです。ABCさんの場合は、”Able Baker Charlie”といったような感じで伝えられます。ただ、問題もありました。A-Zまでなので、毎年同じような名前になってしまうのです。

And they actually started by using the World War II alphabet, Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog, Easy. But this created confusion as well, because every year, the storm names were the same. 


It wasn`t until 1979 that we started alternating male and female names. We recycle that list every six years. In the Atlantic Basin, we use English, Spanish and French names. 


A storm name will be retired if it is too costly or deadly and it would be inappropriate to use it in future years. In fact, since 1950, there had been nearly 80 storm names retired. 


And what happens if we go through all of the storm names? Well, it happened in 2005. We ended up going to the Greek alphabet.

anaerobic digestion;【直訳】酸素を使用せずに処理する処理法

REPORTER: The process Heartland uses is called anaerobic digestion, and as the name implies, it works just like our human digestive systems, by breaking down food into energy, in this case, electricity.

methane ; (/meθein/) メタン

liquid soil ; 液状の土、ドロ
amedment ;(/amendment./) (n) 修正、小さな変更・向上
solid soil ; 固形の土、 固まった土
peat moss ; ミズゴケ・コケの一種 
moss はコケを表します。「モスバーガーはコケバーガーだ!」で覚えましょう。モスバーガーの色も緑ですし。ちなみにモスバーガーは実際MOSだそうで、全く違う意味です。Mountain Ocean Sunだそう。

Remember the smell from before? It`s methane and it`s a great source of renewable energy.

YOST: We create three things: gas, liquid soil amendment, and solid soil amendment of peat moss like material. 

最近ニュースになっているのが、ネットの中立性Net Neutrality)に関してだ。アメリカでは2015年にオバマ政権のもと、明文化された。だが、今は撤廃する動きになっている。通信会社としては今よりも儲けることができるが、ネット会社にとってみれば、さらなる出費となり、格差が生じてしまう。また、IoTの普及にも影響がでてしまう。通信会社の暴走を起こさないような法整備を行うなど、十分な討論が必要だ。

What Is Net Neutrality? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

akin to; similar to

So under the Obama administration in 2015, the way that they got to those net neutrality rules was by treating broadband providers akin to utilities, like old-school telephone companies that are heavily regulated. 

the Commission on Presidential Debatesと言います。


recap ;
(v) 再度メインポイントを振り返る、繰り返す

ANCHOR: Recapping last night`s U.S. presidential debate. This is CNN STUDENT NEWS. I`m Carl Azuz.

There are other candidates. Why just those two on the debate stage? Because you take part in the U.S. presidential debate, the Commission on Presidential Debates requires candidates to have the support of at least 15 percent of voters in national polls. Only Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump had that. 

neck and neck
; まけず劣らず、競い合っているイメージ

And in those polls, they are neck and neck. In CNN`s average of five of the most of the recent national polls, Clinton had the support of 44 percent of likely voters. Trump had the support of 42 percent.

moderator ;(n)討論会における司会者

Donald Trump stood to the left of the moderator, Hillary Clinton to the right. That was decided by a coin toss. Hillary Clinton was to receive the first question of the debate, also decided by a coin toss.
prosperity ; 繁栄

The first was on achieving prosperity. It was the chance for the candidates to discuss the status of the U.S. economy and their plans for where to take it.
robust ; (roʊbˈʌst)(adj) 強い
recession ;(n)不景気 

So we have a very robust set of plans. And people have looked at both of our plans, have concluded that mine would create 10 million jobs and yours would lose us 3.5 million jobs, and explode the debt which would have a recession.

vigilant; (adj)慎重に、警戒する

TRUMP: And we have to be very strong. And we have to be very vigilant.

be decimated
; (v)衰退させられる

We have to be -- we have to know what we`re doing. Right now, our police, in many cases, are afraid to do anything. We have to protect our inner cities, because African-American communities are being decimated by crime, decimated.

; ally (n) 同盟国
dismissive ;  (adj) 拒否するような

So we`ve got to do everything we can to vacuum up intelligence from Europe, from the Middle East. That means we`ve got to work more closely with our allies, and that`s something that Donald has been very dismissive of.

;(n ) 制裁
choking on ; 窒息しそう、のどに 

But you look at the Middle East, you started the Iran deal, that`s another beauty where you have a country that was ready to fall, I mean, they were doing so badly. They were choking on the sanctions.

Hillary Clinton at the 2017 HRC National Dinner

sexual deviancy; 性的逸脱行為

Just last month, six men were arrested for "promoting sexual deviancy" after waving a pride flag at a concert in Cairo, Egypt. 

condemn; to criticize sth; 非難する

consensual; with the willing agreement; 合意に基づく

But no, that's exactly what our country voted against a resolution to condemn the use of death penalty for consensual same-sex relationships. (News)


Non-denominational Christian; 特定宗派に属さないキリスト信者

pastor; 牧師

My mom's dad is a pastor. 

look down upon; 見下す、蔑む
look down onとも。
(例)I think they look down on me because I don't have a job. 

Don't give me that look; そんな顔しないでよ

It is true but there are downsides with that freedom of expressing yourself and everything comes the hatred and comes the people who are against you and want to knock you down because of it. There are some people who look down upon it or whatever like don't give me looks when I find out. 

Sixteen Candles (1/10) Movie CLIP - They Forgot My Birthday (1984) HD

pouty; 唇をとがらせた顔つき
すねたような顔をpouty faceといいます。

Don't give me that pouty look of yours. 

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October 17, 2016の8分後半の内容です。


; (/kwɪntˈʌplɪ)五つ子

The three guys and two girls are quintuplets. Their boss says they`re great workers and that if she needs a shift covered, she`s got a really good shot at it by just calling one house.

fraternal ;(adj) 兄弟の
fraternal twins で二卵性双生児となります

  There`s no doubt they have a fraternal bound and as long as there`s no sibling rivalry, their five-part harmony shows how all the jobs in the restaurant are related.

You could say that having them on staff is quintessential.