Nissan executive reportedly plea bargaining | Capital Connection

plea bargain: 司法取引

A plea bargain deal with an executive, that's very much involved in this investigation. 

The History of Miyagawa Daisuke The Festival Man

life of abundance: 豊かな人生

He lives a life of abundance

Troye Sivan on Paying Tribute to Justin Timberlake in the "1999" Music Video

coax into: なだめて、うまく〜させる

It's about a boy who comes out to his parents and is sort of coaxed into going to a gay conversion therapy camp. 

Troye Sivan Reacts To Teens React To Troye Sivan

be down with: to accept or agree
【例】I'm down with whatever. 

I'm so down with my YouTube roots. 

This video, when I saw it a few years ago, was such a nice kind of, like, pat on the back
And you guys are kind of tangible examples of....

Woman Shows Off New Body After Surgery to Look Like Ivanka Trump

poised: 落ち着きのある

carry oneself: to behave in public
【例】You need to be aware of how you carry yourself when you are in the company.

I think she's very poised, classy. I like the way that she carries herself
(Ivanka Trumpについて)

outta; out ofの省略(口語)

O.R.; Operating Room (医療用語)

Sarah is wheeled outta the O.R.

Harry Potter And The Open Book Of Trump

open book; 隠し事をしない人、ざっくばらんな人

I'm an open book

Disneyland during Halloween!

deck out; to decorate a person; 飾り立てる
【例】The houses are decked out with flags.

We're gonna be all decked out

Deadpool’ Star Ryan Reynolds On His New Passion Project: Aviation Gin | Sunday TODAY

a sure thing: certainly:(口語)確実なもの
Her win was considered a sure thing
Thank you for your help. - Sure thing. あたりまえのことさ。

But the success of Deadpool was far from a sure thing

the nitty-gritty: the most important of an issue:(物事の)核心、本質
the がつきます。
【例】Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. 本題に入ろう

I like the nitty-gritty stuff. I like not just being (a sort of) a facade owner but an actual owner.
(not A but Bに注意!みせかけのオーナーではなく本物のオーナー)

Mega Millions’ History-Making $1.6 Billion Jackpot Sparks Frenzy | TODAY

tide over: 乗り切る
tide を over してなんとか乗り切るイメージ!
【例】I need $30 to tide me over until I get paid on Wednesday. 
【参考】high tide は紹介済み。

You can tide yourself over with tonight's Powerball drawing...

約4ヶ月ぶりに映画を見てきた。Crazy Rich Asiansだ。アメリカの映画だが、主要キャストはすべてアジア人。アジア人と言っても、中国系ばかりの珍しい映画であった。見た目はアジア映画だが、中身はハリウッドのロマンス系コメディで、絵面以外は普段見る洋画と代わり映えはない感じだった。ただ、このようなアジア人だけのハリウッド映画は珍しく、見る価値は十分にある。
おすすめはできる映画ではあるが、女性のほうが楽しめる気がする。(gold diggerとか)最後に、公開されている劇場はわずかであることに注意。
見る前に、You have an affair. (浮気する)という表現も覚えておこう。

CRAZY RICH ASIANS - Official Trailer

swerve; 急にそれる, to change direction
【例】The taxi driver swerved to avoid hitting a cyclist. 

She's like trying to play a game of chicken with me... thinking I'm going to swerve like a chicken.
(あなたはヤン家の妻としてやっていけない(You will never be enough.)と言われて...チキンのように結婚をあきらめる)

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Cast On The Film’s Impact On Representation In Hollywood | TODAY

posh; ぜいたくな、豪華な

snobby; 紳士気取りの

These people are so posh and snobby. They're snoshy.

Asian Ellenのジョークについて取り上げている。映画日本語字幕では、「アジアのレズビアン野郎」になっていた気がする。Ellenと例えたのは、Asianなのに金髪であり、よく喋るからであり、個人的には「アジアのお調子者金髪野郎」の訳が適切な気がする。

Crazy Rich Asians' Stars Talk Groundbreaking Movie
run the gauntlet of; 難所を切り抜ける
gauntletはこて(戦闘時に腕と手を守る防具)のこと。gauntlet をもちながら、走り抜けるイメージ!!
【例】He had to run the gauntlet of hostile journalists.

She runs the gauntlet of cousins, of crazy exes...

OMG I met the Backstreet Boys!! My high school dream came true!!

sink in; 自分の中に沈み込み、じっくり理解される

It still has not sunk in

How Jackson Pollock became so overrated

Why is Pollock the one who gets his paintings put under a microscope?

Why Kavanaugh's accusers can't remember everything
inadvertently; うっかり, not intentional
文面によく出てきます。【例】I inadvertently deleted your email. (メール文章などで)

I thought he might inadvertently kill me. 

hippocampus; 海馬

Intense fear affects the hippocampus.