Jennifer Garner Doesn't Understand Her Oscars Meme Face Either

residual; 残り

laughing gas; nitrous oxide; 亜酸化窒素
歯医者では、このガスを吸い込むことにより、痛みを感じにくくします。治療中は意識ははっきりとしています。楽しい気分になるため、laughing gas とよばれています。

So you were just, literally, still the residual laughing gas is you here? 
(歯科施術後、laughing gas が残ったまま帰って...)

RuPaul Wants Judge Judy on 'Drag Race'

harsh; 厳しい、とげとげしい

She would be harsh
(would be は、意見を控えめに述べるときに使います。「おそらく〜でしょう」という意味合い。)

Bill Hader Shares His First Time Getting High

stoned; マリファナでハイになった
get high と同じことです。stoner が「常習的に大麻を使用する人」と指します。「酔っ払った人」という意味もあります。

The first time I got stoned was with my friend, and we were like 14. 

We Say - You Say: Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk

Don't cry over spilt milk. ; 覆水盆に返らず
失敗したことは取り返しがつかない、過ぎたことは気にしても意味がない ということです。

be along; やってくる、到着する
【例】The bus will be along in 5 minutes. 

I know you're angry about missing your bus but don't cry over spilt milk; another one will be along soon. 

What a Piece of Work Is Man? - Hamlet (4/10) Movie CLIP (1990) HD

a piece of work; you have a lot of problems that need to be fixed., 難しいやつ、大変なやつ(ほめてはいないことに注意. ほぼネガティブな意味になる)
a piece of cakeで very easy to doという意味。This is gonna be a piece of cake.([映画マイインターンより]紹介済み)
you're a piece of shit. でくそったれ野郎といった意味に。
【例】you're a piece of work. 

What a Piece of Work Is Man? 

Coffee Addicts Quit Cold Turkey

cold turkey; 突然やめる(薬物、酒、タバコなど)、きっぱりやめる
 【例】Are you still smoking? You gotta go cold turkey. It's bad for your health.

I'm trying to just quit cold turkey. 

You Fuck like you have your Nose in a Book!!! (lol)

have your nose in a book; to be reading 
【例】I am really into reading, I always have my nose in a book.

The guide book that helped black Americans travel during segregation
segregation; (n) 分離、隔離(人種・宗教などによって)(紹介済み

self-sufficient; 自給自足

spontaneous; 自発的な、のびのびとした

The open road indicated freedom and traveling by car reflected Americans' image of themselves: self-sufficient, curious, and spontaneous.

obsolete; 廃れた、時代遅れの
【例】Gas lamps became obsolete

The Green Book went out of print. It had become obsolete

Jim Sturgess' Visit to a Russian Bathhouse Didn't Go Well

pass out; 意識を失う、酔いつぶれる
【例】She has been passing out for 2 hours. 

If I don't get up now, I'm going to pass out. 

Republican Calls Massacre Survivor 'Skinhead Lesbian'

blatantly; あからさまに、露骨に
発音(/bleitentli/)あからさまな嘘を、blatant lie といったりします。
【例】Her comment sounds blatantly untrue.

Hogg doesn't get a pass when he blatantly lies. 

massacre; 大虐殺、虐殺する
【例】He ordered the massacre of 500 children. 

We've had decades of massacre after massacre over all the country... 

Sean Hayes and Ellen Have a 'Battle of the Gays'

segue; (イタリア語)切れ間なく続く
話題や行動を変えることを segue といいます。乗り物の segway も、切れ間なく、移動できることからこの名になっているともいわれています。

That was a good segue because I connected it. 

Submersible Finds Sharks in a Kill Zone

submersible; 潜水艦
水中ポンプは、submersible pump です。

Math Antics - Perimeter

perimeter; 外周、周囲の長さ
【例】What is the perimeter of that shape?


Yamamizu reportedly admitted the fabrications and falsifications, claiming they were “to make the paper look better.” His term at CiRA was set to end in March 2018.

“I think the pressure is felt by all researchers. But it’s not right to fabricate research results so as to favor themselves,” he said.

; 捏造する
fabricate はほかにも「異なる材料からものをつくりあげる」という意味もあります。

Rex Tillerson Got Fired Via Twitter (詳細ニュース

Secretary of State; アメリカの国務長官

Warning Signs That You're Zinc Deficient

zinc; 亜鉛(Zn)

deficiency; lack; (n) 不足

compromised; lower standards; 欠陥がある
compromised immune system で「免疫不全」といった意味に。compromise は基本的に「歩み寄り」という意味です。

Number one warning sign that you have a zinc deficiency is if you're immune compromised

Don't Buy A Blacksmith Forge Until you See This First

blacksmith; 鍛冶屋

forge; 鉄を鍛える
【例】I can't forge the metal.

Top 5 Biggest Dormant Volcanoes in the World

dormant; 活動休止中の
dormant volcano で「休火山」の意味。

eruption; 噴火

(Mt.) Fuji has been dormant since 1707, and no one died in that eruption.