Universal Basic Incomeとは、すべての国民に毎月一定額を支給するシステムのこと。このシステムが導入されれば、働く必要はなくなり、本当に自分のやりたいことができるような社会になるという。あと数十年後にはすべての仕事はロボット・AIが行い、人間は働かず、好きなことをやっている未来になるかもしれない。

Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI

gain momentum; to move faster; 本格化する

In 2017, Basic Income is gaining momentum around the world. 

bureaucracy; (集合的に)官僚

Not only would this make a number of government agencies disappear, which in itself saves money, it would also eliminate a lot of bureaucracy. 

Teens React to Viral Videos: Used Car Commercials

execution; 出来栄え

The execution was so perfect to an actual car commercial. I think that's why it stood out from the other ones. 

why do people dress up pets?

a close second; 僅差で2位

I'm her favorite YouTuber and you're a close second.

Good enough. ; まあいいんじゃない, それで十分じゃない(曖昧な表現)

D: Good enough.

Just up one's alley;to be the type of thing that you are interested in or that you enjoy doing(Cambridge Dic.)

Just up our alley!

This is right up my alley. 

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