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stigma; (n) a strong feeling of disapproval; (社会的な)汚名
ここでは、Brissels Sproutsが嫌われていることを表しています。

Brussels Sprouts
; 芽キャベツ

But there's always been this, like stigma with Brussels Sprouts. So, you're basically told when you're a kid that you don't like Brussels Sprouts even before you've tasted them.  
(イギリスでは、Brussels Sproutsはひどい扱いだが、アメリカではfryにして人気がある)

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onesie; 上下一体型の服

fuzzy; covered with loose hairs; 綿毛上の
【例】My memory is fuzzy. 

I think we're both in brown fuzzy onesies. 

attic; 屋根裏

I bought it. It's somewhere in my attic, I know I still have it. 
Tommy Wiseauの映画を購入して、それはまだ持っている)

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off the bat; immediately 
主にright off the bat という形でつかわれます。

- Yeah, off the bat, I have no idea what this is.

platypus; カモノハシ

- Is that a platypus? That's legit.

chills ;寒気のする、寒い

 I'm getting chills. I'm getting chills.

apocalypse; \ə-ˈpä"-kə-ˌlips\  a  great disaster: a sudden and very bad event that causes much fear, loss, or destruction (from MERRIAM WEBSTER)

 It's like the magic apocalypse. 

screw it up;  to do sth wrong or incorrectly
【I screwed up. = I made a mistake. 】

I just hope that this does not screw it up.
be pumped; excited (2回めの登場)

So I'm pretty pumped about it.
convince; to persuade sb to do sth (OALD)

I remember being really scared of the first one.
I had to convince my mom to let me watch it, and then I hated it.

invisibility cloak; ハリーポッターに出てくる透明マント

I used to always walk around with it
like I had an invisibility cloak. 

a die-hard fan; somebody who is completely 100% obsessed with their favorite game, band, movie, etc.( Urban Dic.) 根っからのファン

I still, like, am a die-hard fan of Harry Potter.

die down; to become quieter

- Probably waiting till the lines die down.

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