Unemployment is at historic highs, but could it get even worse?

quadruple: to become four times as big

The unemployment rate has more than quadrupled
(In the US, the umemployment rate became 14.7% in April 2020 -->article)

How coronavirus spreads outdoors vs. indoors

arduous: difficult, needing a lot of effort

So all of that is a pretty arduous sequence to execute perfectly. 

cavalier: not considering other people's safety

The point here is not to be cavalier when you go outside. 

A Historic Space Launch? | May 27, 2020

soggy: unpleasantly wet

Eastern coast of Florida is soggy

THE TALK: Casts of Young Sheldon (with Special Fans!)


Dewey Decimal System; 図書分類法(アメリカ)

Home to the original information superhighway, the Dewey Decimal System

Jake Paul - One Billion (HBO Documentary)


singular; ひとつの
「unusual; 並外れた、異常な」という意味もあります。Singularity というと、AIによって急激に技術が成長することを指します。

He recently released a Christmas album and he's got a singular digestible message even if it's a little vague. 
( "a singular digestible message" means that this album has just one basic message and that is easy to understand. )

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