My (previous) job, answering all your questions 私の経歴 Q&A

be head over heels; ぞっこんに惚れ込む; completely in love
(例)John is head over heels in love with Mary. 

Within two weeks I was madly head over heels for him. He eventually asked me out and right away we pretty much decided we wanted to be together forever. 

Ellen Surprises LGBTQ Trailblazer Trent Bauer

6' 10"; 208cm

I am 6' 10". 

plump; まるまると太った

So I was really short and plump in elementary school. 

homecoming king; アメリカの同窓会パーティの主役
homecomingとは、フットボールの試合があり、パーティもあったりします。基本はアメリカの高校生が行います。女性であれば、homecoming queenです。

He spent his entire college career fighting for gay rights and was even nominated for homecoming king because of all the good that he does.

have a heart of gold; 思いやりがある、とても優しい

Trent has a heart of gold. 

Peace Corps; 日本の青年海外協力隊のアメリカ版

I'm in the process of applying for the Peace Corps. 

Money Monster Official International Trailer #1 (2016) - George Clooney, Julia Roberts Drama HD

Money monsterは、かなりF wordの多い映画ですが、予告編ではちゃんとした英語のみが抜粋されています。

moronic;(n) ばかな、愚かな者

It always sounds so simple and yet so moronic.

detonator; 起爆装置

I have the detonator,

be rigged; 不正操作されている

I'm telling you it's rigged.
They literally control the information,

got screwed;ひどい目にあわせられた、悪い状況に陥れられた

I'm not the only shareholder who got screwed over there.

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