Woman Gets Rejected by Gaston at Disney World

get roasted: 非難する、ひどく当たる

Did I just get roasted?

Hillary Clinton at the 2017 HRC National Dinner

sexual deviancy; 性的逸脱行為

Just last month, six men were arrested for "promoting sexual deviancy" after waving a pride flag at a concert in Cairo, Egypt. 

condemn; to criticize sth; 非難する

consensual; with the willing agreement; 合意に基づく

But no, that's exactly what our country voted against a resolution to condemn the use of death penalty for consensual same-sex relationships. (News)


Non-denominational Christian; 特定宗派に属さないキリスト信者

pastor; 牧師

My mom's dad is a pastor. 

look down upon; 見下す、蔑む
look down onとも。
(例)I think they look down on me because I don't have a job. 

Don't give me that look; そんな顔しないでよ

It is true but there are downsides with that freedom of expressing yourself and everything comes the hatred and comes the people who are against you and want to knock you down because of it. There are some people who look down upon it or whatever like don't give me looks when I find out. 

Sixteen Candles (1/10) Movie CLIP - They Forgot My Birthday (1984) HD

pouty; 唇をとがらせた顔つき
すねたような顔をpouty faceといいます。

Don't give me that pouty look of yours. 

今回はCNN Student NEWSから。 http://edition.cnn.com/studentnews
この日のニュースは閲覧時期によって削除されている場合もありますのでご注意ください。引用は、すべてCNN TRANSCRIPTSからです。

October 17, 2016の8分後半の内容です。



; (/kwɪntˈʌplɪ)五つ子

The three guys and two girls are quintuplets. Their boss says they`re great workers and that if she needs a shift covered, she`s got a really good shot at it by just calling one house.

fraternal ;(adj) 兄弟の
fraternal twins で二卵性双生児となります

  There`s no doubt they have a fraternal bound and as long as there`s no sibling rivalry, their five-part harmony shows how all the jobs in the restaurant are related.

You could say that having them on staff is quintessential.

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