Apple - WWDC 2014

two cents; (アメリカ口語)自分の意見、ほとんど価値のないもの
two centsには、「大した意味もなく、個人的な意見ですが、、」といった意味が含まれています。以下にJust my two centsが使われている動画を載せておきます。

But before I send it, I'm going to add my two cents to this. 

Google I/O 2014 - Android fireside chat

obfuscate; to make sth less clear and harder to understand;(複雑化させて)わかりにくくする

Just my two cents, I think the new App Ops of the Play Store permissions are kind of confusing, actually, and they obfuscate a lot of things that I don't think should be obfuscated. 

Things to do in Nevada Travel Guide | USA Road Trip 2017
saturated; soaked; 染み込んだ、飽和した

It is so scenic and the rocks are so red. Like the colors are so rich and saturated. 

YAHIKO ♡ The BEST little town in Japan

curl up ; (v)体を丸める

Look! Look. Oh they're so cute, they look like little cats curled up on the ground... kind of. 

contemplate ; (v) 注意深く見つめる、考える
And contemplate cassette players and other old, obsolete technology. 

shrine ; (n)聖なる場所、ここでは神社
be lit up ; ライトアップされる

So the shrine is lit up at night, apparently...

quaint [kweynt] ; (adj) 古風があって魅力的

We're basically staying at the most gorgeous place I've ever, ever stayed in. It's so quaint and beautiful and lovely...  

superstitious;(adj) 迷信深い
superstition が名詞形です。

And I got one for Duncan as well. I'm not really religious at all, or superstitious or anything like that 
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