Armie Hammer On ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ A Tiny Movie We Made For Nothing | TODAY

daunting; making you feel slightly frightened; ひるませる

That's kind of a daunting thing as an actor because if any of those moments don't work, the movie doesn't work. (出演した映画がCGなどの特殊効果はなく、人間関係を描いた作品であることから)

Armie Hammer dishes on 'Call Me by Your Name'

bundle up; 厚着をする、着込む

So the day after Thanksgiving we have a routine with my wife's family where everybody gets up, bundles up after my shower, of course, bundle up, get nice and warm and go out into the woods like the forest and Colorado and find the perfect Christmas tree. Kind of like the Griswold's

macabre; (フランス語)ゾッとするような、恐ろしい

I never really realized how kind of macabre it is because we're cutting a piece off a tree to hang it on another tree so I think that's -- anyway, yeah

He just like starts to get kind of claustrophobic and stands and...

(Armie Hammerの両親の出会いのお話は、こちらにまとめられています。【父親が飛行機に乗り遅れる→代わりの飛行機に乗るが、席が狭く、誰か席を交換してくれないか願い出る→母親の隣に座っていた男性(実際はBoyfriendだった)が席をかわる→父親と母親がずっと飛行機で話をし、意気投合→二人は結ばれる】といった面白いストーリーです。)

”Dave Franco - Now You See Me Interview”

Sign me up! ;私も入れて!

junket ;  映画のプロモーションのための旅行、旅

Even last night, we're here at the junket, we haven't seen each other in months.

sleight of hand ; (n) 手品

and study magic, and be able to do the sleight of hand that . .

choreography ; (kôr′ē-ŏg′rə-fē)(n) 映画における状況、演技

fight scene you have with Mark Ruffalo. Tell me about the choreography for that.

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