Johnny Depp Apologizes For Joke He Made About Assassinating President Trump

assassinate; to kill suddenly or secretively; 暗殺する

malice; 悪意、敵意

It did not come out as intended, and I intended no malice. 

in hot water; 苦境にある

After Johnny Depp in hot water, 

Why Do Some People Have Lisps?

sigmatism; 歯擦音の発音不全

sibilant; 歯擦音

The scientific term for a lisp is sigmatism, which is the mispronunciation of sibilant sounds; Sounds like s's, z's, sh's, and so on. 

PART ONE - Jesse Eisenberg addresses Dave Franco's biggest fear 'Now You See Me 2' interview

conjure up a trick (/ka:ndger/) ;【動】魔法を出す

If you had to conjure up a trick of your own what would it be?

teleportation (/telipo;'teiSn/) ; 【名】瞬間移動

I would love to make teleportation a reality because I hate flying.

turbulence (/te:rbjelens/) ; 【名】突然さまざまなことや状況が変わる、乱気流

My biggest fear is turbulence.

let's go with that
; 【フレーズ】まあ、それでいいや・それでいこう

A: You're a risk taker.
B: Yes, let's go with that.

rebel (/rebl/) ; 【名】普通の行動を受け入れたり、従いたくない人・反抗する人・反逆者

I'm the rebel who is terrified of a bump on a plane.

manipulate; 【動】操る、コントロールしたり影響を及ぼす

Like a magic trick or like any kind of life trick of manipulating us?

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