You Can Learn Anything on The YouTube

chinchilla; チンチラ

I'll watch a chinchilla. 

piggy bank; ブタの貯金箱

He took money from his piggy bank to buy food for his sister. 

taser; スタンガンのような銃

Finally, here's a guy showing us how to use his taser. 

Pulse Orlando Shooting: One Year Later | Chosen Family | Part 3

wound; a problem or great unhappiness; 苦痛、傷
scar; 傷あと

And even a year later, the wounds are not healed. But even when the wounds healed, they have left serious scars and this community will need support long after the one year mark after Pulse, the 10-year mark. 

Drew was known in high school for starting the first Gay Straight Alliance in the school. 

Picking mum up!

no longer ; もはや〜ない

Little does he know, that in a few hours, this couch will no longer belong to him.
この コーチ(ソファー)はもはや彼のものではない

reiterate (/rii"tereit/);何度も繰り返して言う

 just to reiterate, she is not comfortable being on camera, but you will probably hear her voice in the background

bump into ; ばったり出会う
以前One Directionの記事で紹介したRun intoも同じ意味であり、ニュアンスも同じです。meet は事前に会うことを約束していた場合に使用します。突然何もなしに出会った場合は、run into またはbump intoを使いましょう。

Oh my gosh I just bumped into some viewers who just got back from Canada, and I'm so jealous right now, like, I wanna go to canada.

having the time of my life ; 最高の時間を過ごしている

We're just having the time of our lives! 人生の最高の時間を過ごしているよ!

weirdo ; 変わったやつ、変人

Considering I am such a huge weirdo.

mean ; 【スラング】意地悪(2回めの登場!)

I understand when people are mean because they are having a bad day,

douchebag(/dú:ʃˌbæg/); 【スラング】うざいやつ、バカなやつ
asshole と同様の意味をもちます。

"What Douchebag said they were too big for your face?"

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