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Period.; おわり!、おしまい!、以上。

quote-unquote; (口語)いわば、いわゆる

I don't put any information that I want people to know anywhere on the Internet. Period. I don't care how safe it is, quote-unquote. You know what I mean? 

以下にQuote-unquoteが使われているビデオを貼り付けておきます。いろいろな場面で学んでおきましょう!Air Quotesとともにつかわれていることが多いです。

Going green shouldn't be this hard

And it's often credited for quote unquote "cleaning up America". 

How to Be More Confident Than Anyone You Know: 5 Effective Tips

When I'm invited to speak in front of an audience, or when I have to basically "perform", quote unquote, in any way, I picture a stereotypical image of an unconfident person in my mind. 

Why Can't Boy Scout Leaders Be Gay?

And they may not do that anytime soon. Like the church, they're slow moving when it comes to cultural changes. Though, they are doing quote unquote "studies" on the question and even polled their membership about it last January. 

Deleting Pokemon Go

manage to ; なんとか〜する

He managed to sign back in. 
I managed to go there on time.(なんとか時間内にそこへ行けた)

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