Jimmy Challenges Melissa McCarthy to a "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies Sing-Off

catfish: ナマズ、なりすまし

You could be getting catfished
- I'm not getting catfished.

Donald Trump Jr. Tests Positive For COVID-19 | TODAY

a bitter pill to swallow: 受け入れがたいこと
a tough pill to swallow, a hard pill to swallowも紹介済み。

Still refusing to swallow the bitter pill of his election defeat

New season of 'The Crown' draws comparisons between Princess Di and Duchess Meghan l GMA

take something for gospel: 絶対に正しいと思いこむ
take sth as gospel ともいいます。
【例】You must not treat what as he said as gospel. 

The people watching season 4 of Crown will take it for gospel.
(Netflix の "The Crown" Season 4において、ダイアナが登場する。この内容を正しいと思い込むだろう)

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