The History Of Ice Cream | November 17, 2020

hazmat suit: 防護服

The Chinese delegation even arrived in full hazmat suits

Sam Smith Talks Love Goes, Self Love/Self Acceptance & Album #4 Details

comfortable in my own skin: ありのままでいて心地いい
They are comfortable in their own skin. のように使うことが多いです。

My comfort level was in my own skin

fall out of love: 恋がなくなる
fall in love の逆の意味です。

linger: なかなか消えない
居残るイメージ。【例】Her words still linger in my mind.

Do you believe that you can't fall out of love until you love someone else? 
- No, but I do think that you linger in your mind on past relationships until you feel something greater.

labyrinth: confusing path

My relationship is labyrinth recently. 

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head-to-toe: 徹底的な
頭から足先までです。from head to toeでよく使われます。
【例】I dressed in black from head to toe

Literally they run head to toe

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