Troye Sivan Reacts To Teens React To Troye Sivan

be down with: to accept or agree
【例】I'm down with whatever. 

I'm so down with my YouTube roots. 

This video, when I saw it a few years ago, was such a nice kind of, like, pat on the back
And you guys are kind of tangible examples of....

Woman Shows Off New Body After Surgery to Look Like Ivanka Trump

poised: 落ち着きのある

carry oneself: to behave in public
【例】You need to be aware of how you carry yourself when you are in the company.

I think she's very poised, classy. I like the way that she carries herself
(Ivanka Trumpについて)

outta; out ofの省略(口語)

O.R.; Operating Room (医療用語)

Sarah is wheeled outta the O.R.

Harry Potter And The Open Book Of Trump

open book; 隠し事をしない人、ざっくばらんな人

I'm an open book

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