Disneyland during Halloween!

deck out; to decorate a person; 飾り立てる
【例】The houses are decked out with flags.

We're gonna be all decked out

Deadpool’ Star Ryan Reynolds On His New Passion Project: Aviation Gin | Sunday TODAY

a sure thing: certainly:(口語)確実なもの
Her win was considered a sure thing
Thank you for your help. - Sure thing. あたりまえのことさ。

But the success of Deadpool was far from a sure thing

the nitty-gritty: the most important of an issue:(物事の)核心、本質
the がつきます。
【例】Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. 本題に入ろう

I like the nitty-gritty stuff. I like not just being (a sort of) a facade owner but an actual owner.
(not A but Bに注意!みせかけのオーナーではなく本物のオーナー)

Mega Millions’ History-Making $1.6 Billion Jackpot Sparks Frenzy | TODAY

tide over: 乗り切る
tide を over してなんとか乗り切るイメージ!
【例】I need $30 to tide me over until I get paid on Wednesday. 
【参考】high tide は紹介済み。

You can tide yourself over with tonight's Powerball drawing...

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