Iain Armitage Reviews The Late Show

witty; clever and funny 

I would have told you how incredible the band was. 
I would have told you how incredible, witty and funny Mr. Stephen Colbert was. 

Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water (Lyric Video)

altar; 教会堂の祭壇

God keep my head above water 
Don't let me drown 
It gets harder
I'll meet you there at the altar

Ohio Judge Forced to Resign for Being Out of Order in His Own Courtroom

at the top of her lungs: 大声で

She was screaming at the top of her lungs.

bailiff: 雑務をする法廷保安官
sheriff; 保安官
prosecutor; 検察官

all rolled into one; すべてをひっくるめた
【例】She is a writer, producer, and actor all rolled into one. 

It's as if he decided he's gotta be the bailiff and the sheriff and the judge and the prosecutor, all rolled into one. 

not having it; = not accepting

But she's not having it. 

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