Rex Tillerson Got Fired Via Twitter (詳細ニュース

Secretary of State; アメリカの国務長官

Warning Signs That You're Zinc Deficient

zinc; 亜鉛(Zn)

deficiency; lack; (n) 不足

compromised; lower standards; 欠陥がある
compromised immune system で「免疫不全」といった意味に。compromise は基本的に「歩み寄り」という意味です。

Number one warning sign that you have a zinc deficiency is if you're immune compromised

Don't Buy A Blacksmith Forge Until you See This First

blacksmith; 鍛冶屋

forge; 鉄を鍛える
【例】I can't forge the metal.

Top 5 Biggest Dormant Volcanoes in the World

dormant; 活動休止中の
dormant volcano で「休火山」の意味。

eruption; 噴火

(Mt.) Fuji has been dormant since 1707, and no one died in that eruption. 

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