February 2023

ChatGPT というツールがとても流行っているので今回使ってみました。今まで書いていた記事をChatGPT を使ってどうにか自動化できないか実験してみました。


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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0v-KDxxHNM, Students at top French universities living in dilapidated hall of residence • FRANCE 24 English (title), 0:00, dilapidated (word)

こういったYouTubeの動画URL、タイトル、時間、単語をChatGPTに与えるだけでテンプレに沿って自動的にHTMLを作成してくれます。結果として、この記事の一番下にあるような形になりました(時間はtitleに修正しています)。意味や例文も自動的に載せてくれます。著作権を気にする必要がありますが、今回は一般的な文章のため、そのまま掲載しています。ChatGPTはYouTube APIと現在のところ連携はしておらず、例えば「このYouTube URL (https.....) のタイトルを教えて」と聞いたとしても答えてはくれません。そのため、自分でコピペしてタイトルや文章はChatGPTに教えてあげる必要があります。今はChatGPTはテキストベースですが、いつかは動画にも対応してもらいたいところです。ただ、Siriがいつまで経ってもテキスト&音声ベースなのを考えると、技術的にもサーバー容量的にも難しいのかもしれません。今までのAIとは異なり、人間と同様な解釈を行い仕事をしてくれるのがChatGPTだと感心しました。英語の簡単な例文も自動で作成してくれるので、英語学習にはもってこいですね!



単語: hit me up
意味: 相手に連絡を取りたいと伝えるときに使われるフレーズ。
A phrase used to tell someone that you want to contact them.
It carries a nuance of asking the person to call or contact you. 
例文: Soon meet to plan, feel free to hit me up when you have free time.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to hit me up
またすぐに会うために計画しましょう、空いているときに気軽にhit me upしてください。
質問があったら、hit me upすることをためらわないでください。


単語: sus
意味: あやしい、怪しい、不信感を抱くといった意味。
A slang word meaning suspicious or shady. 
例文: I'm feeling sus about the deal.


単語: flexing
意味: 自分のことを褒め上げたり、自慢すること。
Bragging about oneself.
例文: He's always flexing on social media.
He's always bragging about his new car.

Students at top French universities living in dilapidated hall of residence • FRANCE 24 English


Word: dilapidated
Meaning: 荒廃した、廃墟のような状態の、破損している。
In a state of disrepair, falling into ruins, damaged.
Example: The once beautiful mansion was now dilapidated and abandoned.

Young Sheldonをようやく見たので、ここに出てきた単語を解説する。PCで見ることを推奨。

Season1 E1:

Tater Tots Bite-sized pieces of deep-fried grated potatoes, often served as a side dish

"I'll have a burger and tater tots for lunch today."
Retaliate To take revenge or pay back (usually for harm suffered)

こちらでは retaliation を紹介済み。
"She threatened to retaliate if he didn't apologize."
Descended To move or come down from a higher to a lower level

ここでは、They (Testicles) descended when I was 15. という表現で使われています。Undescended testicles が通常の位置に下りてきていないことを意味し、赤ん坊男児の4%が当たると言われています。通常は3-6ヶ月で正常になるようです。
"The sun descended below the horizon."
Doofus A stupid or foolish person
"Don't be a doofus, remember to bring your keys."
Gullible Easily fooled or deceived

"She was too gullible and fell for the scam."
Bowtie A type of necktie that is tied in a bow
"He always wears a bowtie to formal events."
Revolting Disgusting, offensive, or repulsive
"The smell of the garbage was revolting."
Diaphanous Light, delicate, and transparent
"The diaphanous curtains let in the soft light."
Brassiere A woman's undergarment worn to support the breasts
"She went shopping for a new brassiere."
Purell A brand of hand sanitizer

I wouldn't touch my brother's hand until 17 years later, thanks to the invention of Purell. として使われました。これを知っていないと笑えません。
"She always keeps a bottle of Purell in her bag."

Remedy A cure or treatment for a disease or medical condition
"The doctor prescribed a remedy for her headache."


 Well, I know Mom is concerned that I don't have any friends, so I'm determined to remedy the situation.

Young Sheldon: Sheldon Plays Cards With Meemaw (Season 1 Episode 3 Clip) | TBS


Eat Him Alive To criticize or attack someone harshly

Sheldon が教会で前に出て叱責する時に使われました。
"The boss ate him alive for his mistakes."
Poached To illegally take or catch something, especially wildlife or fish

卵をプレゼントしに持ってきた少年が I don't like poached. と言いました。
"The poachers were caught red-handed trying to poach elephants."
Pull Through To recover from a difficult or serious situation

go throughこちらで紹介済み。
"The patient pulled through the surgery and is now in stable condition."
Dollars to Doughnuts A sure thing, a guarantee

Dollars to doughnuts, your daddy's just got a bad case of gas. という形で使われました。
"I bet dollars to doughnuts that the sun will rise tomorrow."
A Bad Case of Gas Excessive flatulence or farting

"I've got a bad case of gas after eating that spicy food."
Bluffing Pretending to have a strength or confidence that one does not actually have

"He was bluffing about his poker skills and lost all his chips."

Powdering My Nose A polite way to say going to the bathroom to fix one's appearance

"Excuse me, I need to powder my nose."
Dang It An expression of frustration or annoyance
"Dang it, I missed my flight."
Rascals People who cause trouble or mischief, especially children

rascal は「ならず者、いたずら野郎」を意味します。
"The rascals in the hill were caught stealing apples from the orchard."


Young Sheldon: Sheldon Chokes on a Sausage (Season 1 Episode 4 Clip) | TBS

Forego To give up, renounce, or do without

"I will forego dessert in order to stick to my diet."
Linoleum A type of floor covering made from linseed oil, resin, and cork powder

"The kitchen floor was covered in linoleum."
Formica A brand name for a type of plastic material used for countertops and table tops

"The kitchen countertops were made of Formica."
Constipation The condition of having difficulty in passing stool or having infrequent bowel movements

constipated で紹介済み。
"I have been suffering from constipation lately."
Quirks A peculiar behavior or habit that is unique to an individual

Sheldonでも quirks and oddities という形で出てきました。
"Everyone has their own quirks and oddities."
Oddities Something unusual, strange, or surprising
"The museum was filled with oddities and curiosities."
It Got Us Thrown Something that resulted in being thrown out or evicted
"It got us thrown out of the restaurant."
Give The Beanbag a Whirl To give something a try or test it out

give -- a whirl で「--を試してみる」という意味があります。オフィスに置いてある、beanbag(人間がダメになるクッション)を試してみよう、と言っています。
"Let's give the beanbag a whirl."

Young Sheldon Episode 1x10 Sheldon Loves His New School || Young Sheldon Scenes


doctorate; 博士号
【例】I have a doctorate in physics.

noncommutative; 非可変
Algebraic Topology; 代数的位相幾何学

What's your doctorate in?
- Noncommutative Algebraic Topology. 

Sheldon Before leaving home - Young Sheldon S01E10


haven't given it a thought; 考えたこともない
I haven't given it much thought. (あまりよく考えたことがない)ともいいます。
【例】I haven't given much thought to my future.

Are you gonna miss me?
- I haven't given it any thought. (全く考えたことがない)
( Sheldon が別れる最後の夜...)

この数学力でテレビに出てすごいといわれるとは、アメリカの数学力の低さが伺える。彼の親は中国系出身で、きっちりとした教育を受けさせているのだろう。彼は7th gradeの12歳だそう。日本では中学1年生。こういう日本人はたくさんいる。
Is Andy Smarter Than a Child Genius?

dumb; stupid

Kids, they are amazing, and watching them makes me feel both dumb and stupid at the same time.

multiply; かける

Calculate 14 × 2 - 11, and finally multiply by 2


Triskaidekaphobia; 13恐怖症

This Friday is Friday 13th. Triskaidekaphobia 

3 to the power of x; 3のx乗
e to the power of x で「eのx乗」になります。

If 3 to the power of x times 9 equals 81, what is the value of x?
Answer; 2.

the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter 

circumference; (/sekAmferens/)円周
diameter; 直径
digit; 桁、any of the numbers from 0 to 9 (OALD)

Everyone knows that pie is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, but what are the first 10 digits of pie? 

woodchuck; 北アメリカに多くいるかわいいネズミ類
chuck;  to throw away

If a woodchuck could chuck 60 pounds of wood in 1.5 days, how many pounds of wood would a woodchuck chuck in 6 days?
Answer 240


consecutive prime numbers; 連続する素数(2,3, 5,7,,,)

The sum of three consecutive prime numbers is 173. What is the largest of these numbers?

Answer 61