February 2021

Bill Gates On Texas: We're Going To Have More Of These Crazy Weather Events

fish for: to ask for / 聞き出す、探り出す
他に、fish for a compliment という使い方もあります。「褒めてもらおうとそそのかす」という意味があります。
【例】He is fishing for a compliment on his clothes. 

I can't believe how hard I had to fish for that one. 


rabbit hole: 迷い込むと抜け出せない底なし沼

I would end up in a rabbit hole of checking social media and random messages. 

From dream to reality: Owning a French castle

get cold feet: おじけづく, become nervous or frightened

(Name) bought his castle in 2012, but now he's gotten cold feet


Jimmy Kimmel on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

Second Amendment; 憲法修正第2条

forefather; 先祖

The Second Amendment, I guess, our forefathers wanted us to have AK-47s is the argument.

British English Expressions - English Countryside Vlog | Learn English with Lucy


swallow your pride; 恥ずかしいけどやろうと決める

I'll have to swallow my pride. 

今回はCNN Student NEWSから。 http://edition.cnn.com/studentnews
この日のニュースは閲覧時期によって削除されている場合もありますのでご注意ください。引用は、すべてCNN TRANSCRIPTSからです。

Aired September 23, 2016 版です。

tolerate ; 許容する、耐える

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We cannot tolerate violence. We cannot tolerate the destruction of property. And we`ll not tolerate the attacks toward our 

police officers.

declare; 宣言する、断言する
protest ; 抗議、反対

 In the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, a state of emergency. Governor Pat McCrory declared it Wednesday night, the second of violent protest.


They started out as people, but that changed overnight. Protesters looted stores, set fires and vandalized cars and buildings. 

attorney; 弁護士
manslaughter ; 殺人罪(故意性はない殺人罪)

 In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a district attorney announced Thursday that Officer Betty Shelby would be charged with first degree manslaughter. 

carcinogenic ; 発がん性の

The U.S. government says high levels of it in the air can be carcinogenic, meaning they can cause cancer. 

carcinogen (/ka"rsinedgen/) ; 【名】発ガン性

Chromium-6 is a heavy metal and a carcinogen. 

fetus; 胎児

Scientists who study chromium-6 say they`re concerned about even very low levels of exposure to chromium-6 when it`s a child or an infant or developing fetus.

breach ; 違反

AZUZ: Yesterday, the Yahoo technology company confirmed what could be one of the largest cyber security breaches ever.

The breach has said to have happened in late 2014. 

jaw (/dgo:/);あご

Researchers say because you constantly moving your jaw while you chew it, it can burn calories, maybe around 11 per hour. 

prosperity; 繁栄、成功

The planned topics will center on the direction of the country, how to keep Americans safe and how to achieve prosperity.

senetor ; 上院議員

COOPER: John F. Kennedy, a young senator from Massachusetts, facing off against Vice President Richard Nixon, who is known to be a fierce debater. 

profusely; ひどく、非常に

But on screen, Kennedy looks cool and calm, while Nixon looks uncomfortable, sweating profusely under the hot studio lights. 

comparison; 比較、匹敵するもの
elicit ; 情報を引き出す
blistering; 痛烈な、
blister は”水ぶくれ”という意味があります。

COOPER: During the 1988 vice presidential debate, Republican Senator Dan Quayle`s comparison of John F. Kennedy elicits this blistering response from his opponent. 

feet ; 1フィート12インチ。30.48cmに等しい。
inch ; 2.54cmに等しい

She`s a Great Dane, so great she set a Guinness world record for her height of almost three feet, two inches. 

Ryan Reynolds talks about his untraditional Super Bowl ad l GMA

cognizant: understanding sth

People all over the world who are living paycheck to paycheck
We are very cognizant of how lucky we are to have that time. 


An Orlando Shooting Survivor's Inspiring Story – EXTENDED


guardian angel; 守護天使、人を守ってくれる天使

adrenaline; アドレナリン


I don't know what came over me, a guardian angel of the adrenaline, I just said to myself, wiggle your feet like in the movies. 

Pros and Cons of JMU (James Madison University)


JMU(/ジェイミュ/と発音)はJames Madison Universityです。バージニア州にあります。東海岸あたりです。

redundant; unnecessary because it is more than is needed; 余分な、不必要な

JMU is sometimes considered of "a party school". I think that's sort of a redundant term because almost all colleges are "party schools".  

Leo's Bad Luck

mauling ; ひどい打撃

I had a fantastic makeup artist in this movie who did all the stuff from the bear mauling, 

scar ; やけどの跡

it was about four or five-hour makeup job every day with all the scars.

stubble; 無精ひげ

A light stubble,

Brillo Pad; アメリカの食器洗いパッド

daredevil ; 命知らずの人、
dare は”あえて〜する”という意味で、devil は”悪魔”。
dare はこれで2回目です。

you've been always like a daredevil.

; 光沢のある(写真など)

 We've started freefalling towards Earth, and that you get the 8×10 glossies of your whole life flashing before your eyes. 

plummeting; ガタ落ちする、急降下する

I'm still plummeting towards planet Earth.