March 2018

Trump Tells Friends That Stormy Daniels Is Not His Type: Report

ding dong; (繰り返し鳴らされる鐘のように)騒々しい口論

Her attorney, Michael Avenatti, had an extraordinary ding dong battle with the lawyer for Trump's embattled advisor, Micheal Cohen. 

Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Goin Down (Concept Version)

mausoleum; (壮大な)墓

Lie in the grass next to the mausoleum 

School District Arming Teachers, But Not With Guns...

absurd; 不合理な

I completely agree that it is absurd to arm teachers with rocks.  

Stormy Daniels breaks silence on alleged Trump affair

Someone should take that magazine and spank you with it.

swat; ピシャリとたたく
ハエをたたくときは、swat です。

turned around and pulled his pants [trousers] down a little — you know, he had underwear on and stuff, and I just gave him a couple of swats.

Boarding Schools - what are they like?

Boarding schoolとは全寮制の学校のことです。

An easy way to fix a sluggish iPhone or iPad (How To)
sluggish; (動きが)のろい、おそい
【例】Today's lunch makes me sluggish in the afternoon.

Avalanche | Do or Die

avalanche; 雪崩


Young Men Discuss The Pressures Of Masculinity: ‘You Can’t Show Sadness’ | Sunday TODAY

man up; be brave, be strong; 男だろ!くよくよすんな!
【例】You need to man up.

Who's been told to man up

Drew Barrymore Leans On Positive Lessons When Faced With Adversity | Sunday TODAY

emancipated; (法的に)独立した、解放された
Emancipation of minors, emancipated minor が「法律的に独立した未成年」を表します。親からの危険から逃れるための手段としての法です。

At age 14, she was legally emancipated from her parents. 

Hotel Employees Reveal Secrets About Hotels

one-night stand; 一夜限りの関係

Do employees know when you booked a room to have a one-night stand?  

ここで、accident と incident の違いを書いておきます。accident は、予期しない偶発的な出来事に使います。( bad event ) たとえば、車の事故など。
一方、incident は、意図的に起こった出来事にも使えます。( big or small, good or bad, intentional or unintentional )そのため、テロを指す場合は、incident を使います。【例】9.11 was a major incident in the US. 

'Love, Simon' cast, director on scene that moved cast and crew to tears

a beacon of light; 明るい希望の光
beacon は「灯台」を表します。”灯台の光”の比喩的な意味で使われています。

I wanted to kind of come out and hopefully be a beacon of light for any kids that were the same as me when I was a kid because I didn’t feel like I had anyone to look up to. 

absurdity; extremely unreasonable; 不合理、ばかげたこと
【例】I laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

I think it's just sorta highlights some of the absurdity that comes along with the conversation of sexuality. 
(なぜ straight は come out しなくていいのか、というabsurdity )

13 Reasons Why | Tell Them: Louise's Story | Netflix

go through; つらいことを乗り越える
困難、試練を経験することです。【例】I know what you went through.

I felt like no one understood what I was going through. 
(rape された経験)

get off my chest; (悩みなどを)打ち明けてスッキリする、胸のつかえを下ろす

a weight off my shoulders; 肩の荷が下りる
【例】Talking about it was a weight off my shoulders.

Just talking about it that alone lifted a weight off my chest. 

The Edge of Seventeen Official Trailer (Teen Comedy) Hailee Steinfeld Movie HD

radiate; to express strongly an emotion

There are two types of people in the world.
The people who radiate confidence and naturally excel at life.
And the people who hope all those people die in a big explosion.

天を見上げ、Are you even up there?。神にお願いごとをしています。神は天にいることを信じているアメリカ人。


'I want you to put your mouth on my tits.'
Oh my God, I sound like a psychopath.

Shawn Mendes Talks Lost in Japan, In My Blood & Camila Cabello

ballad; バラッド(ラブソングのようなもの)

I wrote that because that is what made me anthemic guitar ballads talking about real things that humans feel. 

like no other; very special
【例】This cat is like no other. このネコは他にはない→特別だ

It's like no other place in the world. 
(日本のことについて褒めています。”世界にこんな場所はない→最高の場所だ” と解釈できます)

How the NRA hijacks gun control debates

whataboutism; そっちこそどうなんだ主義
この語源は冷戦時代に遡ります。ソ連が批判されたとき、その返事が、What about...(そっちこそどうなんだ)という返事だったことから名付けられました。(what+about+ism)相手の言動が矛盾していると指摘し合うようなものです。誤謬(fallacy)の一種です。

They don't deserve to wase people's times with whataboutisms. 
(NRA vs high school students)

Florida's Solution To Solve School Shootings: Clear Backpacks

funnel; (狭い場所を)通る
発音注意(/fAnl/)。funnel は名詞で「じょうご」のことです。液体を確実に流し入れるためのものです。先が細くなっていることから、動詞では、「狭いところを通る」の意味になります。
【例】The crowd funneled into the room.

School visitors will be funnelled (funneled) through special gates. 
(gun shootingの影響で、school visitors はゲートを通らなければならない)