Hearing Your Stories (& Then Surprising You!) | Chosen Family | Part 8

be iffy; doubtful, questionable, あやふやな
「微妙」という意味もあります。The weather is iffy today.などといえます。

I am bisexual and I just feel like a lot of people are just so iffy about people who are bisexual because it's like, oh you can't choose, you just have to pick one or the other. 

ally; LGBTにおける支援者
Straight Allianceから来ている語です。

I'm an ally and I'm so proud to be an ally just to support equality and what I believe in. 

asexuality; (/ei-/) 無性愛

Being a part of the LGBT community, I'm asexual. So asexuality doesn't always get the awareness that it deserves. 

Dave Franco And Aubrey Plaza Talk About Their New Film ‘The Little Hours’ | TODAY

The Little Hoursという映画が6月30日にアメリカで公開された。予告編を見るからには、修道院のコメディ映画のようです。日本で公開はされなさそうですし、公開されたとしても、宗教と縁のない日本人には売れないでしょう。

UP TO NO GOOD;良からぬことをしようとする→悪事を企んでいる【
例】 My kids are up to no good. 
up to は、例えばWhat have you been up to?(最近どうしてた?)のような使われ方をします。このように聞かれた際は、I've been busy. I started a new job last week.のように最近の出来事を具体的に答えます。


I have to say, when they sent me the screener, I thought it was a dramatic role about nuns. 

convent; 修道院(女子)

My first job ever was in a convent.

receptionist; 受付係、フロント係

I was a receptionist. 

President Obama Talks The First Lady

depression ; 不景気

We were about to go into a great depression.

deficit ; 財政赤字
Two-thirds ; 2/3 , 3分の2

Since I came into office,  we reduced the deficit by two-thirds.

shot up; 急上昇する、 撃ちまくる(銃で)という意味も。

But if you ask the average person, they're sure that spending has shot up.  

folks ; 人々

The reason is because there are bunch of folks who say that We're wildly overspending even though we aren't.

as far as ; 〜の範囲では、に関する限りは

 as long as は条件を表します。
as long as ; 限り
as long as it's not Donald, i'm fine. (大統領が)ドナルドでない限り、いいよ

一方、as far as は範囲を表します

She kept going but she didn't go down as far as me.
(push ups ; 腕立て伏せが)私ほど下にはいっていなかった

As far as I know, he is a good boy.