The Incomparable Malala Yousafzai
coma; (n) 昏睡状態

You were in a coma for how long?

clip your wings; to limit your freedom

My father always says "Ask me what I did but ask me what I did not do, and I did not clip her wings." 
So he has not clipped my wings. He has allowed me to fly. 
take it for granted; 当たり前だと思う、to fail to appreciate the value of sth

I think that what's important here that we take it for granted here, that girls go to school, and that we are able to be educated.

y'all; あなたたち

Remember that, so y'all go to him next time, okay?

[英語] 最近流行っているスラング (2017年)

RIP; rest in peace; 安らかにお眠りください(死んだ人に)
例えば、I just lost a hero. RIP David Bowie.のように亡くなったひとに使います。スラングで使われる際は、「終わった、、、」というニュアンスになります。

How was the interview yesterday? 
I got nervous and I feel like what I said didn't make sense. RIP me...
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