How border walls disrupt nature

floodplain; 氾濫原

torrential rain; ゲリラ豪雨、豪雨

Along the Rion Grande are floodplains that fill up when water levels rise from torrential rains

inbreeding; 同種繁殖

That means reduced genetic diversity in each population, which leads to higher levels of inbreeding and an increased risk of extinction. 

We The Kings Talk Sad Song, Avril Lavigne & Demi Lovato

a tough pill to swallow; 受け入れがたいこと、受け入れるのが辛いこと、辛い事実
a hard pill to swallow とも。受け入れられないことが起こったときに、It's a hard pill to swallow.といいます。

But that's a tough pill to swallow

How 16-Year-Old Boy May Have Gotten Trapped in Minivan

asphyxia; 窒息
suffocation と同じ。

Asphyxia due to chest compression 

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