Syria denounces the U.S.-led attack

defiance; 反抗的な態度、反逆


arsenal; 兵器庫、兵器貯蔵庫

SYRIA was bombed with an eye-watering THIRTY TWO TONNES of the most powerful weaponry in the arsenals of the US, UK and France, it has been revealed.

Say You Won't Let Go - James Arthur Cover by Tanner Patrick

stone-cold sober; まったくのしらふで
sober は「酒に酔っていない」という意味。
【例】I have been sober for 5 years.

For a minute I was stone-cold sober 

This Self-Taught Taxidermist May Be the Last One in India | National Geographic

taxidermy; 剥製術(はくせい)
taxidermist が「剥製師」。

India’s ban on hunting has nearly killed the art of taxidermy. Santosh Gaikwad may be the last taxidermist in the country.

I went to the doctor.は普通に「病院へ行った」になる。I went to the hospital.では、緊急の症状である場合で、「入院する」と同等のニュアンスになるため注意が必要。大した病気じゃないなら、I went to see the doctor.などといいましょう。

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