Never Have I Ever with Madonna and Justin Bieber

fool around; 馬鹿なまねをする、ふざける

"Never have I ever fooled around in a bathroom during a party." 

The Biebs on His Bum

flirt with; いちゃつく

It seemed she was flirting with you a lot. 

PG version; Parental Guidance; 子供に見せるのに親の指導が望ましいもの

That's just a PG version of what..  

mingle with; 交際する、付き合う

There's a lot of girls that would like to mingle with you.  

How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions!

BS; bullshitの略。嘘をつく

I slowly start BSing myself

1;23 I'm not gonna BS myself this year

3;01 Like I mentioned earlier people who BS themselves.

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