"The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows" - Rocky VI

The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. ;世界はすべてバラ色じゃない。
It's not all sunshine and roses ;いいことばかりじゃない ともいえます。

College Education & Writing Tips : How to Get Straight A's in School
straight A's ; オールA(成績で)

opt; to make a choice 

Now, whenever I have work to do I usually opt to do the work first before I do anything else because I sort of trained myself to want to get stuff done before I give myself the reward of doing something fun. 

sticky notes; 付箋

They would actually put little sticky notes, the one girl said that she would put little sticky notes on her mirror and she would look at those sticky notes every morning, that would give her goals...

I'm Jaded

jaded; lacking of interest; 物事を何度も経験したりしているので興味が薄れてしまう, 疲れきった
【例】Business travel is so fun at first, but you will become jaded. 

I'm just jaded


Answer the Call: Put in the Hours

put in the hours; 時間をかける
【例】If you want to improve your English skills, you need to put in the hours every day.

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