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What in the fucksickle is this? 

derivative; 派生語

Isn't that a little derivative

And that is why Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is pure pornography. 
God, I wish I finished college. 
(文法チェック!I wish I were rich. お金持ちならいいのに。)

13 Reasons Why | Justin Prentice Reads Your Letter | Netflix

rib; 肋骨

concussion; 脳震盪(のうしんとう)

scrapes; 擦り傷
scrape が「削り取る」といった意味。

This is a year's difference after the rape broke three ribs, concussion, bruises, scrapes. 

13 Reasons Why | Michele Selene Ang Reads Your Letter | Netflix

trepidation; worry, anxiety; 恐怖感、不安感(起こるかもしれないことに対する)
【例】With some trepidation, I start to find my job. 

I think there was for me a feeling of trepidation and nervous. 

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