Quit YouTube For Politics? | Tyler Oakley

Part of me is thinking, okay, well Steve Jobs is all like oh
you have to simply your life like eliminate all these options in your life. like 
every time you have to make a decision.
it's taking away from the productivity of your life. 
He always wore the same outfit everyday to get rid of that.

8 Black LGBTQ+ Trailblazers Who Inspire Me | Tyler Oakley

intersectionality; a person has many identities that are interconnected & they cannot be examined separately from one another

And, I know that I never learned about intersectionality when I was growing up,

Guessing Celebrity Abs with Tom Daley | The Tyler Oakley Show

Sharpied; (slang) to be written on with a sharpie pen (Urban Dic,)
sharpie penというペンがアメリカでは売られています。基本は油性ペンです。「The internship」という映画にも出てきました。
Yeah, and that's a Sharpie, by the way, genius. --That's my fault. (油性ペンで壁に書いてしまって、、)

cleavage; 谷間(胸の)、裂け目

- Like Sharpied a boob, cleavage.

abs; abdominal musclesの略。腹筋
男性はsix packを求めている。

Speaking of abs, I want to play a little game and see how well we know celebrities' abs.

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