Brad Pitt congratulates Missouri State’s Class of 2020

be rooting for you: supporting for you, 応援しているよ

We're rooting for you

A Day With a Black Salaryman in Tokyo | 黒人サラリーマンと1日を過ごす

I am not going to sugar-coated

read between the lines: try to understand someone's real feeling、空気を読む

... read between the lines and understand what person's thinking. 

Jonas Brothers Talk X ft. Karol G, 5 More Minutes, Pre Show Face Slaps & Touring

on board: agree
【例】I'm on board with this idea. 

She's been on board to do. 
(Jonas Brothers とのコラボに賛同していた)

keep the momentum going; maintain the energy and enthusiasm
勢いを継続していくイメージ!gain momentum は紹介済み

Recording new music before a show is a really unique and cool way to get ready and get the momentum going

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