Parkland Shooter Has A Disturbing Cult Following
cult following;カルト的集団(超熱狂的集団)
たとえば、Star Wars ファンも cult following といえます。Starbucks や Apple も cult following を gain しているといえるでしょう。

scantily-clad; 肌をあらわにした
scantily clad actress で「肌をあらわにした(裸同然の)女優」です。sexual な意味。

commissary; 売店
主に軍の売店を示しますが、ここでは Prison commissary のことです。

...including fan mail and pictures of scantily-clad women in addition to hundreds of dollars in contributions to his commissary account. 
(Parkland Shooter が刑務所で人気者に)

Parkland Survivor To Laura Ingraham: Shut Up And Be Objective

tough cookie; タフな人、意志の強い人
主にアメリカで使われます。smart cookie で「賢い人」です。

He is a tough cookie

Teens React to Bullying (Amanda Todd)

repercussionthe usually bad effect of an eventaction, or decision (Cambridge)

They have no repercussions for what they do on the Internet.
They can say anything, and that's why people leave horrible comments on these videos.

douche-lickera douche licker is a person who is incredibly annoying, rude, a user, and just plain mean.(Urban DIc) 悪い意味です。

You just look like a douche-licker.


bully (v)

He managed to bully her into giving him her car. (Cambridge )

bully (n); bullyする人

He knows who the bullies are in a class.(Cambridge + original)


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