Nuclear Chemistry Part 2: Fusion and Fission - Crash Course Chemistry #39

nuclear fusion で「核融合」

Fission; 原子核の分裂
nuclear fission で「核分裂」

覚え方は、fissionは s が2つあるので、分裂していることが想像できるでしょう。

How to Make Pizza Dough at Home | The New York Times

dough; パン生地

flour; 小麦粉

How to use a Tourniquet in an Emergency

tourniquet; 止血帯(血を止めるためのバンド)

UT referee who made history killed in hit-and-run, friends say

blaze a trail; to do or pioneering work that others will follow up on

The victim is 77-year-old Linda Kay Fletcher, an Austin woman who blazed a trail for women as a referee in college athletics.

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