The royal weddings that shaped European history

benign; 親切な、温和な

They wanted to build strong connections with Germany and see them as being a force for good and constitutional benign monarchy across Europe. 

Why Israelis and Palestinians both claim Jerusalem

Jerusalem; エルサレム

annexation; 併合

But after the UN Security Council condemned the annexation of East Jerusalem in 1980. 

there are plenty more fish in the sea
there are plenty of fish in the sea. がよく使われます。

my friend just broke up with his girlfriend. and he's been really depressed. so I told him 'hey, there's plenty of fish in the sea.' we tell people this to let them know there are more men and women available.  

(ここでは、男性が”There's (There is)と言っていますが、文法上は誤りです。There are plenty of fish in the sea.というべきです。ただ、高速で会話していれば、特に気になる間違いにはならないのでネイティブは使っています。(このフレーズ自体少し古いという理由もあります。)現役のフレーズです。East Coastやアメリカ南部ではThere'sという人がいます。皆さんはThere are..を使いましょう。)

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