This Is How Dangerous Balconies Can Be During Spring Break

raunchy; ひわいな、みだらな、下品な

raunchy behavior
(動画のような行為がraunchy behavior です)

bedlam; 不穏な騒ぎ、混乱

It was bedlam on the beach with binge drinking, raunchy behavior and arrests. (descriptionより)

Adam Rippon’s Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Rink | Most Extra | MTV

Thot; That Hoe Over There; bitch
Hoe は Whore と同じ。売春婦という意味。2014年ごろから使われ始めています。

"Thot" stands for That Hoe Over There. 

Are All Asians Rich? Ft. Lily Du | Decoded | MTV

disparity; 格差

It allows people to ignore the economic disparities faced by other groups like Vietnamese and Cambodians. 

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