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bust ass; to work very hard; マジになる
「一生懸命頑張る」ことを意味します。直訳は「尻を叩く」。rude なスラングです。

They both busted ass on it. 

Five people have been shot dead by a gunman at Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida, officials say.

Fort Lauderdale airportは、フロリダの南側に位置していて、Hollywoodという名前の地域に近い空港です。映画で有名なHollywoodはCalifornia のLAにあります。

baggage claim area; 空港で手荷物を受け取るところ(回転してるところです)

It happened at the baggage claim area in Terminal 2, just before 1300 local time (1800 GMT), the airport confirmed.

be taken into custody; 拘留される

Child custody で親権という意味に。

Eight people were injured. The gunman, believed to be an Iraq war veteran, was taken into custody.

tarmac; 飛行機場では飛行機が止まっている場所

Hundreds of people were standing on the tarmac outside the terminal as dozens of police cars and ambulances rushed to the scene.

baggage carousels: 空港にあるスーツケースを運ぶベルトコンベア・装置のこと carousel=merry-go-round 

he fired という表現。fire は武器gunになると「発砲する」という意味になります. shoot = fire 

Witnesses said the attacker walked along the baggage carousels, shooting people as they tried to run or hide. They said he appeared to be in his 20s, was wearing a Star Wars T-shirt and did not say anything as he fired.


ammunition; 弾薬
firearms; 武器類(銃など)(空港関連動画でよく出てきます。)
carry-on (bag); 機内持ち込みバッグ
unloaded; (銃で)弾の入っていない

It is legal for airline passengers to carry guns and ammunition as long as the firearms are put in a checked bag, not a carry-on, and are unloaded and locked in a hard-sided container

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