Stoneman Douglas Activists Discuss the School Shooting with Ellen

curse; 口汚い言葉, 罵る、汚い言葉を言う

I didn't want to say the actual curse words because...
(ここでの curse words は bullshit のこと)

Those moms are going boo me offstage if I even think about cursing around those children. 
But also, I didn't want to curse around those children. 

Parkland Student Activists Talk Gun Control

AP; Advanced Placement; アメリカの高校での大学レベルの授業

She's the AP human geography teacher in the freshman building. 

And many of them did not make it out to tell their tale. 
(ここでの tale は story と同様)

Jim Parsons Talks His Empowering New Film

delightful; (他動詞的に)人を愉快にさせる、楽しい very pleasant

Do people know about her? Because she's delightful. 

whisk; move somewhere quickly
【例】whisk an egg; 卵を泡立て器で混ぜる

neat; tidy and in order (OALD)

you come and do the talk shows, and they're like, whisk in, whisk out, you gotta change, which is very neat to see all that. 

stupendous; extremely large or impressive, especially greater or better than you expect (OALD)

He is stupendous. 
(Micheal phelpsのこと)

torso; 胴体(頭や手足をふくまない)
vaguely; (/veigli./) なんとなく、漠然と slightly, in a way that is not detailed or exact (OALD)
aquatic; connected with water

the size of his hands and his feet and the length of his torso, you're like you're vaguely aquatic. 

whitewash; to hide the true facts about a serious accident or illegal action (OALD)
= cover-up 

Because you know we're whitewashing and covering up something else now. 

in the thick of it; involved in an activity or situation 

keep your eyes peeled; to watch carefully 
peel には「皮などをむく」という意味があります。目をずるむけにしておけ→よく見とけよ ということです。

it's hard when you're in the thick of it, I know that. But it's important to keep those eyes peeled. 

At first, he didn't want to have anything to do with planning our wedding, but he's in the thick of it now. (Free Dic. +original) 
Keep your eyes peeled for a taxi. (Free DIC. )

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