Gus Kenworthy Thinks the VP Is a 'Strange Choice' as Leader of U.S. Delegation at Olympics

bruise; あざ
be bruised紹介済み

Look at that bruise. What else happened to you besides that bruise

delegation; 代表団

So I know that the vice president has been named the leader of the Olympic delegation

pave the way; 道を開く
【例】We must pave the way for LGBT rights. 

... and so many people that have paved the way. But then to have someone leading the delegation that's like directly attacked the LGBT community... 

Ballerino Rhinoceros | Rhinoceros | Animal Songs | Pinkfong Songs for Children

Rhinoceros; サイ

ネイティブが指でクイクイするやつって一体なに?! // Air quotes!〔#424〕

Air quotes are often used to express satire, sarcasm, irony and euphemism. I'm going to introduce 4 things how to use air quotes.


I thought you said he looks "just like" Justin Bieber.

2. よく使われる言葉を引用するとき(皮肉っぽく)

It is "sexual harassment". 

3. 有名な人やものに例えるとき

They're like the "Backstreet Boys" of Japan. 

4. 遠回しになにかを言うとき(皮肉が含まれる)

Yeah, good luck with your "appointment". 

We hadn't seen each other in a month when you said you needed "space". 
(別れたいとまで言わなかったでしょ という意味を含んでいる)
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