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condolences; お悔やみ(人の死を)
【例】I'd like to offer my deepest condolences. 

beloved; love so much

Condolences to you and your family on the loss of your beloved dad. 

Honest Trailers - It (2017)

mullet; 80年代に流行った髪型

New Kids on the Block, mullet, that terrible street fighter game. 

Airbnbで知らない人のお家に泊まる!Awesome Airbnb's in LA!〔#496〕

greedy; wanting more money etc. than you really need (OALD)

I got a little greedy and booked 4 different Airbnbs.

boutique; small and offering products of a high quality to a small number of customers (OALD)

That night, we found this really trendy boutique-like grocery store nearby.
glamping; glamorous + camping // 豪華で快適に自然と触れ合う

We are going to go glamping today.
ish; ぐらい、頃

Alright, so 7 ish? 7:30 ish?

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